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Queer As Folk Drabbles

QAF in 100 Words

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This is a drabble community for Queer As Folk. Any characters and any pairings are welcomed and wanted. Bashing based on character pairings will NOT be tolerated.

If you don't know what 100 word drabbles are, they're pretty self-explanatory. They are vignettes, story snippets, ficlets... that are 100 words (or come in increments of 100: a double drabble is 200 words).

For an example, go to sn100 (Sports Night), tww100 (The West Wing), csi100 (CSI), or sunday100 (Buffy/Angel) and do some exploring.

Each week, or two, depending on how active this community gets, there will be a new challenge. Change days will be Mondays.

There are a few Rules:

1) No personal bashing, between authors, or about actors.

2) Drabbles should be submitted within the timeline. If there is one later, you should add it under the newest Challenge post under replies.

3) Please remember to use the lj-cut feature so as not to clog up the surface page.

4) Since this is an ongoing series, please include if there are any spoilers, even if you don't consider them to be.. ie: Spoilers through S2, etc. Remember that the complete series has not aired in all countries around the globe!

5) Cursing is completely allowed. The way I feel about it is that if the show curses, the fiction about the show should be allowed to curse. Do RATE the fic though in the header, just to be extra polite.

6) Slightly off topic discussion is allowed, but don't make it completely off topic or I reserve the right to remove it... which probably won't happen unless it's blatent spam.

7) Please think about letting an author know how you feel about their work... as a writer, I can attest... feedback is a huge part of why a writer loves to write.

and, finally...

8) HAVE FUN! This is not about heated arguments, politics, or character discussions... this is about sharing talent and having fun. Muck it up, and I'll shoot you in the head. (You'll notice I'm snarky from time to time... get used to it.)

- Kelly, k_ho@att.net